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OOC: Its ok man. I was too but did not do much.

Preston: Ah yes. How are things?
Sam: The Republic's Docked at Deep Space 61 undergoing a refit - apparently we're being sent into the Delta Quadrant for long range exploration. The President's restructuring the Military Hierarchy to filter out a lot of the corruption, as well as setting up several new shipyards and regrouping most of the Republic Fleets.

With the Romulan Civil War over, another issue is how jurisdiction of the Allied Base on Lanco III is going to be handled. The Romulans and the Klingons both want some control over the base but don't want to share it with each other.

So, on one hand the Romulans have had control of Lanco for centuries but don't have the technology to run the base properly - hence why they want the Republic to stay, and on the other, the Klingons lost more ships than anyone else taking and holding Lanco when the Iconians attacked. It's one diplomatic mess I'm glad I don't have to clean up.

Of course, most of this I'm sure the Head of Starfleet Security and Federation Secret Service already knew, so why did you ask to see me?
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