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well there are many uncommon duty officers that cost less, than their common counterparts. so with your logic, I could argue that the higher lvl gear should be cheaper.

also, since EC is not timegated, and easy to get, those prices are somewhat real (and driven by market), however these prices are just there to take our dilithium away, so the dil/zen rate is low. now there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we are getting something. but if the upgrade is not worth it, why bother. it is their interest, to make us purchase these items, but at this point, there is minor increase in usefulness (minor as in even smaller than the usual upgrades you can get on items, that are out there, and not tied to rep system)

edit: also what you picked is a uniqe (aka useful) item, and its price is high. there are many items which are cheap even at mk xii very rare
Using your own argument, if these prices are so extravagant and the bonus so small, why bother to get the items? Just stick with "good enough". I was trying to be nice to OP, but I think I should just say what I was planning on from the start.

If you cannot be bothered to put out the resources for the slightly better gear, and you don't think the cost is justified, then you don't deserve this slightly better stuff and should stick with your "good enough" gear. The prices are there so that only the players who are really committed to getting these items get them, players who are willing to put out the resources and time to earn these items.

I won't argue it's a slightly off system of doing things, but if you look at the time it takes to get the dil (provided you don't blow a bunch of cash on zen, in which case you should get the items for supporting the game, doesn't make you a better player) and the methods of getting dil (usually ESTFs/FAs), then you kind of did earn your keep already.
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