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# 1 Tricobalt Coffee
01-04-2013, 01:57 PM
Coffee, but much more powerfull...


1) Boil water.
2) take metal or otherwise heat proofed cup..
3) Add 4 tablespoons of coffee (with a top on half measures..)
4) Stir first then leave for 5 minutes (get a leak or something..)
5) Add milk and sugar or sweetner...(You can take it black too...)
6) After stirring for milk or sweetner or sugar, leave for 2 more minutes..
7) Gently sip the coffee when don't want a mouth full of coffee grind..
(or maybe you that case consider it Tricobalt Coffee Overload..)
8) Guaranteed to keep you going for one more hour of grinding...wether you like it or not...

9) Sit back down...put phasers and disruptor to max...and simply look at the opponents ship...they'll go boom !!

End thread...