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Preston: Hmm the Delta Quadrant. Interesting. I would have figured that they would have sent you to the core. Doesn't surprise me that the republic is scrambling everyone is. I was going to ask you to stick around for the summit. *removes his mask like visor. Revealing his face. Which does remind her of someone.*

Anyway. There is something afoot that wants to keep things like they were. The Republic I think should stay out of the Romulan's affairs but keep a war from breaking out over Lanco. What we all want is to rebuild and build a better world. There may be a suggestion and plan made for Lanco Captain. So no need to worry about it. As for the Iconian Migrant fleet, we intend to give them colony worlds to settle and offer our hand in friendship. I can't speak for my president but I think things might get rough.. Someone is going to try and assassinate the leaders of the governments. Then pin it on a mutual friend.

*Hands her the file compiled over the last couple weeks.*

Preston: I only want you to act by mutual concern for a friend.
OOC: What Iconian migrant fleet?

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