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01-04-2013, 02:24 PM
The Boff Grinder mission that I have played is written so that you are supposed to place your boffs at a point on the map, and they yoru captain goes to another point to activate a console to start the enemy coming in, and at the same time a wall appears to cut you off from your BOFFs. However, its not a perfect wall, you can get out and NPCs can get in. I actually prefer to help my NPCs by giving them focus fire orders, otherewise for me the missions takes too long and its more fun that way. I've had to go AFK sometimes and I've come back to find my captain dead and my BOFFs plugging away, but that another reason I like this mission, I can go AFK and nothing really bad happens, unlike most other missions where I have to wait for a good point to stop. The story behind this missions is basically what it is, your boffs kill things and you get winnings (dilithium and fleet marks). Its no worse in my mind than some Cryptic missions.

So IMHO I don't really see what the problem is with this mission, its not a story mission, and doesn't advertize itself as one, you can play hands on, or hands off, or a bit of both.

Now the mission at the start of this thread sounds different in that it sounded like there are friendly NPCs that are not your BOFFs who take care of most of the fight and no component of you (captain or boffs) has to do anything. That's taking it too far I think if its not a story mission.
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