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01-04-2013, 02:42 PM
Regarding the ship types and cannons, currently there are Carriers (kdf), Sci Ship (Fed), Cruisers (mostly KDF, some Fed/neutral), Escorts, Destoyers, Raiders that can all use cannons. This is why I'm concerned about not leaving DHCs w/their limited effective range and firing arc as the primary weapon for massive damage and prefer other energy weapons have other niches. Front loading single cannons when pretty much every ship type has a varient that can use them concerns me for the same reason the old FaW did especially concidering potential Tet Glider/Dem/Plasma Console procs.

The DBB comment of mine is purely an effort to avoid annoying things on my part.

I agree about turrets to an extent. I think there may be issues of turrets when considered w/the 2.5% repair procs on sci consoles and the critH repair proc from the rep system negating a fair amount of damage. To be fair, Dem, Tet Glider, Plasma Sci console proc and the # of CritHs from turrets could more than make up for this.

Thx for clearing up the FaW thing.