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i hope that the reason that the ambassador class was left out of star trek online was because starfleet felt that the ambassador was 80 years old and 85 years old for the prototype uss nx/ncc ambassador need a serious major retrofit and complete rebuilding from the frame up including the stranghing the frames of the ambassador class. also at the same time star fleet needed to deside weather or not to have one look for the ambassador class or have several sub types.

in the end i hope starfleet will produce the uprated the 25 century ambassador class to look more like the galaxy class and will make up uprated verson of the enterprice-c/ambassador, heratio/ambassador, yumanshi/ambassador, late dommion war ambassador refite with the soverien class necells, and maybe an ambassador class with up sized excelsior class necells just to satify the fanpeople of the 23 century
the problem with this is that Starfleet refitted the nx and the connie which were more then a hundred years old so a 80 to 85 year old ship isn't really much harder to refit/retrofit i'd be happy to see the ambassador so I could get all the enterprises but i'd like to see the andorian to but its unlikely the romulan ship they wouldn't dare release yet because they are most likely making a romulan faction right now as the neutral faction on new Romulus the cloaking boost is on the reman set to so the galaxy x and the defiant can use these stealth effects plus i'm sure they apply to MES to