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01-04-2013, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by fourleave View Post
@casbyness - the community manager's post in this thread says "We'll let you do something with them in a future patch". In other words, hang on to them and keep an eye on the patch notes until the future (whenever that may be) patch that lets you spend the receipts is available.
The answer "we'll do something between now and the end of time", is not acceptable. I would like to know something a bit less vague than "whenever". Either the Dev team is working on adding something to a specific upcoming patch (in which case they would have a rough idea of when the receipts will be able to be cashed in), or they aren't (in which case the answer is "meh, you may as well delete them since we have no plans for them right now").

MMO players need to stop allowing themselves be brainwashed by the classic "Soon(TM)" response that Devs give to questions they can't be bothered to answer properly.