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Carmenara! I was hoping to run into you again. Quite frankly, any of your characters would be welcome in the fleet. We try to find as many ways as possible to say 'Yes' rather than 'No' to certain types of RP. Your Recluse is an OOC ship, or an IC one? As a Starfleet outpost, we ICly only have facilities to service standard starfleet ships. Our goal is to make a believable Star Trek experience, so we limit our IC ships to Starfleet designs, for Starfleet officers.

Now, on the other hand, if there was an alien or free traders partaking in our adventures, that's a different story. Come by the forums and get to know some of our players. Given our past conversations, and your ideas here, I really think you'd have a good time with us.
Oh good attention to detail there. I have no IC justification for actually using the Tholian ship (and don't really like the interior) but it was a good means to demonstrate that "carriers don't suck" and innovation triumphs over uniform linear thinking.

The Fed side doesn't have a true assault carrier unlike the Klingons with their demon fish but when I saw "Commander Universal Boff" I went "hmm" and made it work just for fun.

Logically such a boat wouldn't exist on Federation orders of battle at all - they wouldn't build anything that looks like an arsenal ship full of TCMs and kamikaze drones, but for battle simulation purposes it could be a splendid what if ship concept.

Which could be easily (relatively speaking) RPable because the STFs we play nowadays really do resemble combat simulations. They are too linear and non dynamic to pass off as real battle re-enactments as we know from Trek canon.
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