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Power creep isn't about experience, it's about never being able to catch up for those who come in late or take a break and are left behind. This isn't about life is easy or hard, this is peoples' entertainment. People aren't going to want to play much less spend $ on something they'll never catch up on. Power creep 1st started w/the old C-Store, now sadly it's worse w/all the more imbalances and time gated means of aquiring things.

The car analogy doesn't work. A more appropriate analogy would be to ask a Formula 1 driver in a Yugo to beat another Formula 1 driver in a top of the line car.

Again, this started w/people being dismissive regarding the impact gear et al now has on PvP. It's not the 20% or less, it's potentionally much more. How much fun do you think it is to play against placate passives, snb doffs, et al?

People can't expect new players to think gear doesn't matter, then get confused for being scolded for using x, y, and z.

This discussion reminds me of when C-Store ships came out and people tried to claim the C-Store ships weren't really any better than the other options.
The only thing that is really impossible for a newcomer to get off the bat would be Rep-based gear and passives (assuming they are complete new-comer to the game and not simply PvP). The Starbase stuff is accessible by simply joining an established fleet. Nearly everything else is obtainable rather quickly. I've never been good at making EC, so I'm still playing catch-up there, but I have never felt disadvantaged because I have MkXI instead of MkXII.

As much as I hate the power-creep in this game, denial of opportunity isn't YET a big issue. I do, however, see the potential for that to become a problem in the not too distant future.

As Horizon pointed out, I run a farily Vanilla build, with my only special console being the Subspace Jump. It is still possible for skill to overcome gear "defficencies" (I still feel giving up constant bonuses for several activatable powers with long cooldowns is a fool's bargain. It really only becomes better when a coordinated team is spamming said abilities... not too mention grossly unfun for the opposition). Knowing your role and being good at it is still, usually, preferable. IMO.

Edit: As far as ships go, yes there are several ships that are vastly superior to anything that came before them. That does not mean they are useless. I only gave up my DSSV, in favor of a Wells, rather recently. I did this for the turnrate though, not because it has a superior BOFF layout or console slots. In fact, I preferred the console slots on my FDSSV much more than the Wells.
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