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Originally Posted by kiralyn View Post
Isn't that due to differences in demand, though? Needing white doffs for projects, for example?


In general, yes - at "end game" in most MMOs, small increases in power/utility tend to have geometrically increasing costs. One, because it's something to make you have to play longer to get it. Two, because it's targeted not at "average" players, but at the top-10% min/maxers who are driven to squeeze every last bonus they can get.
non-romulian MK XII purple plasma weapons only cost 2/3 the price of the MK XII purple Romulian weapons in romulian rep store, #1 you have to unlock rep store, #2 ONLY difrence is non-romulian gcomaritively has +1 [damage] proc, and the romulian ones have a disrupter proc in it's place.

difrence of -0.34% damage from non-rom, for a 2.5% chance at -10% (-0.25% average target's defens)

not ONLY is the Rom rep store more expensive, but the gear is WORSE than non-rep plasma weapons (not including sets)

also the RIFLE UNLOCK, that says RIFLES, only unlocks high density rifles, I unlocked it wanting to get a sniper RIFLE, because sniper RIFLES, are normaly found under the RIFLES tab in a store. (that's a mute piont though since the gear costs more and is not as good as non-rep gear, and that's not even counting the cost of leveling up the rep, and unlocking the rep store itself, hell after all the "cost" to get to the project to unlock store and the cost to actualy do the unlock project, the frakking gear should cost EC, not Dill, already spent enogh Dill in rep marks, to fully equip 5 toons in ground gear, AND a ship in space weapons, if only I did just rep marks to dill projects instead and bought non-rep (and BETTER) gear.

Remen and Rom space sets are practicly the same set, set bonus is the same, only minor difrences of maybe 1 proc between the 2 sets.

Omega sets scale of price 1 set to another I think is actualy fine, but the set's MK X (and scaled for sets after) needs a reduction to a compairable priceing to other MK X gear.