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01-04-2013, 08:01 PM
Has a 'good' premade team been tried recently that did pack all or mostly damage? I mean a good team with good players just to see what happened?

I'd be really curious with the extremely large variety of ships that pack DHCs and a good number of tac boff slots what a good premade could come up with that would literly just steamroll the enemy. I mean no ship at all can survive the spike without RSP and that can be nuked.

And I'm sure atleast five people will call me a moronic noob and it won't work and nobody needs to try it but I'm legitimately curious, especially once the fleet shields are fixed, what would happen.

You have the Vesta, you have the Armatige, MVAE, not to mention time ship, recluse, and likely a few others that I'm forgetting about that could all bring a scatter volley of death. Especially with the rommie passive that would just be entertaining. And no I'm not suggesting just the DHCs would win the fight, that Vesta could be packing a nice VM3 and so on.