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Yes.I did and mine are under tactical not sucurity except for 1 which I can't do as of the red dots in it.what I ma saying is there lots of security mission for the KDF compared to the Feds.It doesn't have to just espionage.
Except for the fact that security missions give you espionage exp?

What you are asking for is unnecessary, since there are already a lot of espionage/security missions on the fed side. You just gotta look harder.

Hint: the majority of them like to hang out in Cardassian/Federation space. Also a few in Eta Eridani.

And in actuality, if you look on the wiki for available missions and count the number of KDF espionage missions as opposed to Fed Espionage missions, you will see they are pretty dang close in number (only about 3 or 4 difference tops).
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