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01-04-2013, 11:45 PM
I'm going to take a "stab" at a potential reason for this bug so please lick a somewhat large block of salt as you read....

I've noticed that the game takes a bit of time (on the order of seconds to a few minutes) after logging in (where you can move your character/ship around) to fully register all of your Chef/Bartender BOffs and Fleet affiliations. To see this, next time you log in, open your replicator window, and you may see the following:
1) Assuming you are in a fleet:
-- a) You won't see Embassy Provisions in your replicator list
-- b) You will see Embassy Provisions in your replicator list, but it is grayed out
-- c) You will be able to buy Embassy Provisions, but the price is not discounted by your Starbase Fabricator level
2) Assuming you have Chef/Bartender BOffs that provide "extra" replicator permissions
-- a) You won't see the extra items
-- b) You will see the extra item/s, but it/they are grayed out
3) I've also seen items "disappear" from the replicator list after having the replicator UI open for a bit. Meaning, I open the replicator, see an item that is grayed out, then the item is removed from the replicator list. (No clue why this happens.)

After waiting seconds to minutes, the window may/may not automatically update to show the right items/prices/availability to buy.

The second half of the reasoning is UI related. The game seems to keeps track of the selection index, not the selected item. If you have a UI open where the 3rd item in the list is highlighted, and for some reason a "new" second item appears, the highlight will still be on the 3rd item in the updated list (the updated 3rd item being the old 2nd item). Similarly, if the 2nd item disappears while you are highlighting the 3rd item, the highlight will still be on the 3rd item in the updated list (the updated 3rd item being the old 4th item).

Getting to the point, this phenomena could result in the bug as described above. For example:
1) You open the replicator list
2) Some "extra" item is in your replicator list before the Stem Bolts
3) You double-click Stem Bolts or click Stem Bolts & the Buy button
4) Extra item disappears from your replicator list
5) Replicators take the place of the Stem Bolts (as far as the list index goes)
6) You finish buying the "Stem Bolts" at index [x] of the replicator list
7) Game references what item is actually at index [x] of the replicator list and finds Replicators
8) You get Replicators.

Anyway... just a theory based on my experience with in-game behavior. This would also explain why you only experience the problem in your first purchase. By the time you make your second purchase, the game has "caught up" with fully registering the details of your character.

If you are still reading, you can also see the "index memory" behavior when moving through dialogue chains. Click the [n]th item in a dialogue, and if another dialogue UI immediately appears, the [n]th item in that new dialogue will be highlighted by default (if the new dialogue has less than [n] items, the last item will be highlighted).

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