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01-05-2013, 01:15 AM
Originally Posted by rck01 View Post
So then it's Mark 11 or...nothing? Are there any other specialty weapons worth grinding for?

Note: I'm at Tier 4 (2K from Tier 5) and already have the Cutting Beam (awesome) and Plasma "V'ger" Torp thingy (sucks).

Also, I have the full MACO and OMEGA Mark 12 Shield/Def/Eng sets twice over. Is there any advantage to the new "Adapted" versions?

Starting to run out of things to grind for...

adapted maco is the klingon honor guard mk xii set

the [borg] weapons are not coming back (it saves time for cryptic to add that one proc to the reputation, that deals dmg to everything, than to re-sepcify every borg enemy to the category they belong to), or not any time soon.

you can get better weapons anyway. the fleet weapons are easily superior, about 10% bonus dmg. also there are the romulan plasma weapons, those are really good too (couldnt decide yet which is better, for me it will come down to elite fleet weapons to make a real difference)