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01-05-2013, 02:39 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This is considered working as designed for the time being.

The purpose of the Romulan Space Set is that it is a valid option to be considered in lieu of obtaining the Reman Space Set. It offers a stat variation that some captains may prefer over the Reman Set, and a different ship overlay visual with the Shield.

They have the same set bonuses, the same costs in the Reputation System and the same tier requirements.

Again, it's an optional variation of the existing set. Not intended to be an upgrade.

Of course... saying this doesn't preclude the set from being reviewed, tuned and changed in the future.
Thanks for the reply. However, this still very confusing. Why would you make a copy of an existing set? I mean, I'm pretty sure every player at least expected some new set bonuses, because that's what we get from the Omega gear. The romulan reputation system therefore looks a bit unfinished to me. Would you guys at least consider adding a different two-piece set bonus? There were already a few suggestions here on the forums, like a passive boost to plasma weapons/plasma DoTs instead of the torpedo speed bonus.

Also do you plan on adding visuals for the deflector and the engine? No need to add something fancy, but a few color changes like green warp nacelles and warp trails would be great!