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Originally Posted by lordgyor View Post
Klingons are not so one dimesional, yes warrior culture is glorified by Klingon Empire, but not all Klingons are members of the warrior class, many are simple farmers, or miners, and other occupations. The Klingon Empire was even briefly a democracy for a time.

As Jadzia Dax points out Klingons can be as varied as any other race, and that includes curiosity. Especially if they work for II (Imperial Intelligence). That's like the Klingon Obsiden Order.

Interestingly Imperial Intelligence Officers can't be challenged like regular KDF officers, so if an II officer does something to insult your honor one can't demand a fight, you just have to take it.

I can see II officers having scout ships or regular science ships, because like any other intelligence gathering group, they want to know everything
Thanks, I know that.
All of it.
I've read "The Art of the Impossible", "Diplomatic Implausibility", "Tales of the Dominion War", "The Left Hand of Destiny" pt. 1 & 2, "Diplomatic Implausibility", "The Brave and the Bold" pt. 1 & 2, the IKS Gorkon Novel Series, most of the "Vanguard" novels, etc.

I've also always said the Klingons are not a "Boom-Boom-Faction".
And if you only construct you fictional species from cliches, you don't get a culture, you get a farce without any depth.

However the thing you might want to keep in mind is that we play as part of the Klingon military, the KDF.
Which is dominated by warriors, who will of course think like warriors.
We don't play II, not to mention how much the KDF despises II.
Have a look at RL militaries and see how few really purely civilian "vehicles" (as a general term) they have and operate in the field.
The KDF has a whole lot more in common with current RL militaries than the fairy tale Starfleet and the military uses units with military applications.

In addition I'd like to ask you to have a look at the recent "Haynes Owner's Workshop Manual" for the Klingon Bird of Prey, which clearly explains how a starship is ordered and designed.
Great houses place an order to a renwl' (architect) that is assigned to them.
The houses have specific expectations what their ships are supposed to be capable of and the renwl' has to somehow design as ship that actually works from their input.
This can sometimes lead to a duel since the house representatiives tend to have somewhat unrealistic expectations and demand overgunned ships without any balance etc.
To quote from the book:
"It is a position of great honor since it is one of the rare roles that allows a common civilian to tell a noble warrior that he is wrong."

In other terms: the warriors (at least to some degree) even call the shots when it comes to ship design.