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09-01-2009, 06:05 PM
For those that have not seen these videos, it will help give you a visual of the current gameplay and combat:

Space Combat:
  1. Can you tell us what might be the largest numbers of players we might see in a single battle -- ie might we see 500 players fighting off a Borg invasion in a single instance/shard, or is it limited to say only 50 ships?
  2. What are you considering for the max range on phasers/disruptors? Will we be able to fire from a long distance away (farther than say spell range in other games)?
  3. Does Range affect Damage? Ie does damage decrease the farther away you are?
  4. How does system targeting work? Is it a selection on a Target Doll? Are they special abilities (ie Target Weapons)? Or are they basically 'stance' type settings (Toggle switch between what to target)?
  5. Can you explain what Geko meant by a BoP 'being fast and hard to hit'? Are BoP 'dodging', or did he simply mean their speed allows them to stay out of firing arcs?

Ground combat:
  1. How much damage can PDS take vs Body Damage? For example is 3/4 Shields, and 1/4 Health?
  2. How much Healing does 'Ranged Tricorders' do? Will it be like Direct healing in other games (Lots of HP with low cool down), or will it be more a Heal-over-time system (slowly heals over time, with a longer cooldown)?
  3. Will there be defensive postures in ground combat (ie prone, kneeling), and might that offer Def/Off Bonuses?
  4. We know ground combat is supposed to be faster pace, but will it just be pew, pew, pew, or will there be some tactical aspects -- ie rather than just standing and shooting, finding cover, etc?
  5. Can you comment on Aggro radius's for NPCs? Will a group that is only 50m away from your current fight, respond, or will they act like they cannot see it?