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# 1 Wow, I had forgotten that.....
01-05-2013, 06:19 AM
......even in a future set in the highly technical and scientifically advanced age of Star Trek no one has solved combats need for technological intergration of seperate systems to work as a whole towards a purpose on the individual soldier.

We still have Sets of different Mark values not fulfilling the set ability prerequisite to open set powers?

Thats sad, in my opinion, given its season 7 moving boldy towards season 8 and beyond and this is still a setback.

I personally think it would be nice to use my Mk11 KHGBA and Mk10 KHGRifle to thier fullest cobined scope in that they help open Adrenal Boost and Blood of the Warrior regardless of thier unmatching Mark levels.

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