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01-05-2013, 06:30 AM
This ship sucks. I find myself getting all the aggro in every elite stf I enter!

I know I am a DPS hog but dayum!!!!! ship in the arsenal besides kar'fi.

I use two disruptor DHCs, one polarized disruptor DHC, omega torp front.
Three polarized disruptor turrets and cutting beam.

Takyokinetic, Borg assimilated, romulan zpm
Two field gens, romulan sci console reduces threat, increases particle generation and applies plasma proc to weapons,
Four mkXI disruptor consoles.

On an engineer was parsed at 6k+ DPS for an ISE!


Edit: Adapted Maco Deflector, Romualan Prototype engine, Adapted Maco Shield all MKXII

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