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01-05-2013, 07:50 AM
Hi guys, newbie here, but I've already noticed alot about cannons, especially the DHC. Just yesterday I finally unlocked the KDF, so thus I made my KDF character ( an alien that looks like a Klingon so I can choose my 4 space traits because I'm lame like that lol ).

I was already using cannons etc on my Fed escort but just singles, I liked the damage but now I've got the BoP I've stuck 2x DHC on the front along with a torp launcher and 2 turrets on the aft.

I'm a newb and I don't know much, I doubt this build will be efficient in advanced PvP but it's working for me right now. I cycle 2 Cannon rapid fires and 2 high yield torps constantly, just yesterday in an arena PvP with this build I just about ***** everything. The fed ships were struggling to even get close, I shredded them like no tommorow, I think I got 14 of the 15 kills our team needed to win, with 260k damage, the next closest damage to me was a team mate who got 130k. Now this isn't end game PvP I know, and as awesome as it was, it felt incredibly cheap and had me slightly worried about the endgame balance, considering any time I could see I was about to be outnumbered I battle cloaked and maneuvered away before they could gank me, then returned to pick one of them off from behind.

Now considering I don't know crap about equipment and how it all works properly I'm left guessing just exactly how unbalanced the game is, or atleast if that my enemies were just complete trash even though they were all higher level than me, perhaps they were just as clueless as me, except I've found a cheap build to dominate low level PvP.