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01-05-2013, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by sirsri View Post
While I like dual spec in other games I don't think specs at all make much sense in STO.

You choose the type of play you're going to be involved in by choosing your ship, its weapons and what bridge officer layout you have. You then make the same choices but in a different UI when you spec. It's somewhat silly.
The point is that 1 character can have multiple ships of different classes available to them.

Typically I see this very often with players that have both an Escort and a Cruiser for example. They don't take threat control because of when they hop in their escort - unfortunately that makes their cruiser a completely threat-less wonder.

Or as one poster said, speccing for all Energy and wanting to add torpedos later on as a new torpedo (such as the Rom Rep or OMEGA Rep torps) becomes available.

Some players will respec left and right, others will just do a bland and non-specialized generalist build.

The goal of this concept in particular is to add a bit more flexibility especially for support players - in particular Sci Captains, who have a ton of things they need to potentially specialize in just to swap BOFF powers.

You talk about swapping boffs to swap your abilities - sure that's easy for a Tac, now try that with a Sci captain who needs to cover the basics with Tac & Eng skills that are useful (and needed) for all ship types on top of their Sci skills, most of which only boost 1 type of effect (drains, or disable duration for example).