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01-05-2013, 09:41 AM
After two in a row CSN in which nobody bothered to watch the Kang and I had to save the day I decided to go and do something else.


There I was.

I went over to do some of the new Romulus missions and started with the space daily.

I buzzed into the first planet I came to and healed the satellites like I was supposed to.

Then it says I have to defeat the two flights of ships incoming.

They never showed.

So I bailed and started over.

I zip back in and healed the satellites and then I'm supposed to kill off the 2 flights of incoming ships.

Well, it wasn't two flights, IT WAS FOURTY FLIGHTS!

There were several battle ships, a dreadnought, and about two dozen smaller ships along with a couple carriers.

The best I could do was get right out on the fringe of the group and drag them out one or two at a time.

I managed to get through the first group after dying one or two times in about 30 minutes.

Now for the dreadnought.

45 minutes after killing all the others the dreadnought finally dies and I won.

I tHink the game must have thought I was flying in with a fleet or something.

But HOLY ?@?&!