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01-05-2013, 10:00 AM
i was on-call survival and the next pay cheque are hi on list..
after the little house PIKA union pounced me and broke my old wifi fob..

now im Cisco'd and happy burning in new ram[cheap gig] expencive wifi replacement.
takign more ram off budget list.. [pika attack listed at other site] under appreaciatin cause i love the little dearies.. even when they remind me not to try and work on a pc case half asleep and forgettign safety cautioons.. least i dint static the MB or ruin another usb port like last tiem a usb fob was knocked loose

BACON.. i had a pizza that had pepperoni that tasted liek BACON. now its the gloatign after lucnh not i noffice nap mode.
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