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01-05-2013, 11:27 AM
Backwards compatibility is for chumps! Still, could be worse. Just wait till Apple buys Cryptic and releases a new tier every 6 months, mk XIII, mk XIV, mk XV, all with mk XII stats.

Originally Posted by askray View Post
You do realize this is a game and not real life right? Sets are a normal thing in MMO's now a days and are almost always needing the FULL exact level set to get the bonus.
It's a good thing you said almost, there, cause the most successful example out there (that which gives the forum sensor the runs - oh, you thought those were asterisks?), which some might consider a smart move to borrow one or two ideas from, does have previous tiers of the same set working together. Not that I can name that many examples of MMOs that have duplicate item sets, anyway.

Now I don't know for certain if there's a difference at all between the mk XII set bonus and the mk XI set bonus, but even if there is, why couldn't the set bonus just match the values for the lowest tier component equipped? What's the objection?

Simple! We really, really, really want you to feel the pressure to grind out those other two items right freaking now! Never (NEVER!) underestimate how badly we want you to feel like this is all some horrible chore you have to complete, not in a month, not next week, but today. Now! Move it, maggots! That dilithium doesn't spend itself!


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