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01-05-2013, 11:32 AM
Let's think about this now...

Tric Mine, DPB, now, we'll (in our imagination lab) add in self-damage/friendly fire effects to ALL mines.

Foreseeable consequences: for those brave/foolish enough to employ these weapons in Ker'rat, I hypothesize that the results for the first few tries would be pretty funny-it's a long-standing trope now that Fed groups camping the spawn lay down minefields as part of their "Strategy" of park-weapons-on the-spawn-point.

so you'd likely see a small reduction in mines dropped by campers, but about the same level of mine-and-run (or drop mines as you die) counter-camping tactics.

espl if you take Stevehale's suggested counter to nerfing the tric-the tactic would become "Drop minefield-now RUN before it activates".
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