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01-05-2013, 10:54 AM
On the space Red Alerts, go left first thing and go to the edge to start engaging , so you only have to fight a few at Tholians at a time and can thin out the pack before engaging the big ships. If you go straight in, you'll be surrounded and taking disabling torps from all sides. The big ships have charge attack that puts you in a web that disables all abilities and subsystems, then kills you, as well as a snare that can put you front of them. So, you need your systems online to be able to avoid that fate, which means thinning out the herd first, for the most part. A large cruiser spamming FAW might be able jump right into the thick of things, but will probably be at risk of not being able to get out of the way of the big ships' kill web, particularly if both the named and un-named go after it.