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01-05-2013, 10:54 AM
I agree 100% with OP, the ship is utter garbage. I aquired this ship about 2 weeks ago, used it for about 2 hours and changed back to my fleet ship.

This breen ship tries to be something its not. Its not good with the low hull and lack of decent engineering boff to be a full cruiser, it turns to slow and is not agile enough to be an escort.

It has no original bridge whatsoever. Standard federation guess its easier to copy and paste the NPC ship and click the "player controlled" button while editing the database than to actually hand out a complete ship.

The green quality console that it comes with is garbage.

But hey, can not expect much from a free ship i guess, right? I look at it this way, its a place holder for a new ship if they ever release another one..I can simply delete the chet and make some room

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