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01-05-2013, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by natejam101 View Post
Im sorry, did you just say makes most fleet ships obsolete? Wow, f2p games to bring in the interesting people..

I would pit my fleet tac escort or fleet advanced heavy cruiser against this piece of crap breen ship anyday. You can try to make this ship an excellent tactical build all you want..the thing does not maneuver no where close to as well as other "real" escorts in this game....

I know, I know, you spent forever grinding pictures (lol) or spent $300 dollars to obtain this ship and you really want it to be good, but its just not..sorry I found out the hard way too.
Yes I can see how some might feel it doesn't have the manuverability to take on another escort head to head in pvp, but you don't need escort manuverability in pve it has more then enough to get DHC on target. So you basically have an escort with slightly less manuverability, more hull, shields, 1 more rear weapon, Lt Cmdr Sci, and ensign universal. I don't see how that can be bad, it works great for me. Try putting your escort build (more or less due to different layout) on it and take it into STF you will find it does the same damage but dies less.