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Originally Posted by wolverine595959 View Post
Until you see 3 BOv miss in a row. I had a Cannon DBB raptor and it was so depressing to get a shield facing down and watch the BOv hit open air ad that is with Acc x 2 DBB. Since the engine in the game is so crappy and my torps no longer show up I do not get disappointed when THY volley has 2 out 3 miss.

I'm assuming you're talking Single Arrays. In which case even with the higher miss rate, from Overload your over all damage will -still- be higher.

ACC2 CrtH is for DBBs. Not singles.

This is in large part to the sheer volume of fire you will have with beam arrays, vs a DBB.

DHCs, and Single beams are balanced well. If I can score top damage on a TSI premade with a beam tacxcelsior and not have to realistically worrying about dying in my chosen ship then the power is there. Ya'll are just doinitwrong Beams are also flat out the best hands down for clearing spam. Their power is to pressure (with vastly over capped weapon power. Which by the way beams respond the Best to out of every weapon in the game), and annihilate spam. It doesn't matter how many of those new rommy torps you guys fire, or carrier pets you launch down range. My TacXcelsior can and will almost single handedly keep it all cleaned off the field and I'll still be able to contribute to my teams over all murder power.

The only thing Wrong in STO right now, is debatably the Engineer. And that's only because of how screwy Nadion Inversion is.

The Azn Grind is a huge problem too but that's not going away.

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