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01-05-2013, 12:15 PM
I believe with what's going on with these new passives, fleet stuff, and other things are directly linked to the PvE community's incapacity to play this game.

They simply are unable to deal with the difficulty level in this game. The devs simply release things in such a immaculate demeanor, that it's justified through the satisfaction of those who are unable to PvE. Despite PvE'ers having all of these things at their disposal, they still fail at PvE. At this point it's no longer the developers fault when this happens. Let them fail, and let them buy zen to convert into dilithium. Or, they can learn to PvP and walk all over STFs, both are beneficial for Cryptic. But do not tailor a game to adhere to a player base that does not know how to play your game, and needs a pacifier.

On the other hand from some PvPer's perspectives is the troubling expectations for the game to stay status quo. This is not even a remote possibility since we are playing an MMO and there is something called power creep. Old gear is replaced with new gear, new grinds, new combinations etc. The fleet shield is part of this extrapolation, but it is not necessarily an applicable one. A drastic nerf is not necessary seeing as though the percs of the MACO shields are within proportional limits of performance.

Anyway, Cryptic, this all goes back to not testing your stuff before release. Myself, and perhaps the entirety of the PvP community is at your disposal, free of charge to test your stuff for the sake of avoiding such chapters in the development of your game.