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Originally Posted by natejam101 View Post
Its garbage...i know you spent your time trying to get this thing, but you and many others will soon realize this and go back to your other ship....UNLESS you happen to be one of the few people who couldnt afford a decent fleet ship or C Store ship and were stuck flying a mirror universe ship then I understand why you think this breen ship is "amazing" lol

Its a ship that is trying to be something it is NOT. It is not a cruiser, but people think it is...the ship makes a horrible tank, the HULL str is quite low and does not have the consoles, but you will see people in elite stf's trying to be a tank and ruining the optional with their crap breen ship. Really, its not a good cruiser at all.

It is not an escort..a real escort has a much better turn rate and is more agile than this ship. if you want to fly an escort build, go with a fleet tac escort refit. I blow these breen ships up all the time in pvp with mine. It is not a good escort at all.

Flame all you want to protect your new investment , but fact of the matter is , its garbage.
Lets agree to disagree. I will admit that you are right about the ship being underpowered for optionals in Elite IF and only IF you have all the gimmicks on on it like theta radiation consoles, etc... but if you strip this ship down to bare bones and build it for PVP use it handles quite well. Yes, the turn rate is not as good as an escort but its survivability makes up for this. I can take down three probes at the half way mark built this way. Overall, its the best ship I have ever had!

As for Hive Elite, well, so many people bail or AFK these days in PuG matches that honestly, I wish we could fire upon them instead anyways! lol I see dozens of these ships in PVP now as well and they are just as deadly when properly handled... its the latter that I am still working on! :-p

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