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01-05-2013, 02:00 PM
^ no wonder they are sporting bootcamp. we, the players that know how to utilize our our ships to room temperature percent of their potential or better, offering our knowledge to those fail players that nothing can be mode easy enough for. the devs don't know how to reach those players, but maybe those pvp'ers can. branflakes experience learning pvp surly showed him just what a difference knowing how to pvp can make in doing the rest of the game's content. i can only hope he has shared this with the rest of devs.

just yesterday a red alert poped up, and i figured what the hell i'll do it. i had 4 cubes dead before the rest of the group could deal with probes and spheres, one of them was so shocked that he started pming me wanting to know how the hell i was doing that. pretty much said i pvp, so i just know, and answered a bunch of questions and gave him some insight.

im happy to do it, but there needs to be pve that teaches players how to actually play, that will take a lot of careful development. its they're biggest failing, and its why so much of the game is considered so lame by all of us. but god, the pvp when it is good is so good.
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