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01-05-2013, 01:13 PM
I am aware of a single player who has used racial epithets in zone. While I have no direct knowledge of Cryptic's response, his manifold alternate accounts suggest he has been punished in some way.

Several points need to be made, however, with regard to the events and climate described by the OP. All too often, players arrive on Otha expecting to complete the mission and be on their way with no opposition whatsoever. It's an open PvP zone, and competition -- within each faction as well as red versus blue -- is an integral part of the challenge.

There are many ways of successfully managing this situation. Immediately hurling insults and profanities at players -- demanding your right to complete the mission unmolested -- are not among them. Most players will leave you alone if you ask nicely. A bit of diplomacy accompanied by a a dose of humility goes a long way. Heck, if you're truly hapless or just really polite, many people will help you to complete the mission. I've gone so far as to give people better weapons or armor when it was obvious they really needed them.

As for camping: Yes, some players do it. Personally, I abhor it. If, however, you immediately fire as you are respawning, most players will return fire and not regard it as camping. I happen to agree with them.

Any spawn is neutral territory, and respawning players should have a moment to switch weapons, devise a new tactic, or just catch their breath. Neutrality, though, has its limits. If you're on the spawn and you take hostile action...well, expect to be repaid in kind