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01-05-2013, 01:16 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
a bloated FAW score board number has nothing to do with effectiveness, and FAW is only marginally good at dealing with spam because its average accuracy is about 75%. the evasive plasma torps would proboly drive that accuracy even lower with all the times they wil miss.

and if you use FAW, you arent even dealing pressure damage, let alone anything close to useful damage.

im lobbying for them to deal at least good pressure damage, sorta like how OP faw used to do, but only to 1 target at a time.

I think you need to watch my Death To Carrier Spam vid if you think Faw is only marginal at clearing spam, also yesterday I dealt with a Premade that had like 3 ships with that lol plas torp, mines, and a carrier spamming. And their total impact on the match was nigh on zero because of Double Faw spamming and warp plasma all tac buffed.

Also, I can still do solid damage with faw isn't up. When I don't use FAW I typically have Overloads 2 and 3, or Delta 1 and BO3. And the ship is still good enough to help take an enemy premade and take it to pieces.

People expect 'zomg insta pop'' with weapons because of DHCs. But that's not how beams work. There's a large host of factors that play with single beams. One of them being the fact that frankly unless you have 8 of them you aren't doing good pressure damage, unless your 8th weapon is a tric mine maybe.