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01-05-2013, 02:17 PM
Originally Posted by maxdragon77 View Post
I just wish i could get the ship. I just came back to the game and can only get 400 autographs. I really do want it as I really like the look. I do not have the lobi crystals either to convert nor do i have the money to "create" the 1000+/- lobi crystals i need to convert into autographs.

Is there any word on them making it available after the event?
to my knowledge there is no "word" on them being available after the event, But that doesn't really mean anything.

The Jem'Hadar ship was for the winter event last year and after about 6 months or so, they had an alternate way to get it for people (like me) who were not around for last years event. Plus, the next lock box is suppose to be a Dominion themed one. I know most people are hoping for a new Dominion ship in it, but I am hoping they use it as a way to get the Jem'hadar bug ship.

In any case, I wouldn't lose hope on another way in the future to get the ship, but nothing from the developers on it, and don't expect anything for a long while.