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Originally Posted by wikkedjr View Post
So, is a build like this viable for an engineer captain? I flew a cruiser for a long long time and would really like to fly something different for a while, but I don't want to play an ineffective role either.
noticed you pm'ed me yesterday, didnt have time to answer then and had forgotten about it by today. sorry about that. best to answer here anyway i think. seeing CRF3 and APO1 on my build reminds me that i really need to go back and update a few things, and include rep reward recommendations on some.

ya, that might be fun for an eng to mess with. this ship can not tank like a cruiser though, its a pretty fragile escort and not a sturdy healing platform, but its diverse station setup lets you try. in a disorganized pug match, an eng in that will likely be more helpful then any cruiser that no one is smart enough to stick close too. the poor engineer is sorta good for nothing these days, a sci captain can do its job and bring more valuable debuffs with him, and a tac can deal lots of damage of course.

if you have an eng captain and the vet ship, give this a spin, it was extreamly hard to kill when i flew it, for a vet ship, and proboly had the best survivability of any ship i took into an stf.
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