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01-05-2013, 01:52 PM
Speaking of the store; is there a good list of items and what they cost within the store? I know that to unlock dual cannons I need 90 marks and various flotsam, but I'm already grinding away to try and meet the lofty 500 mark requirement for the zero-point conduit; I don't mind that it's costly for such a good item, but I queued it too soon and now it's stuck until I can get the damned thing!

But yeah, since I'm switching to plasma weapons the Romulan ones seem like a good option, at least until I get the fleet ones perhaps; it's just that I have absolutely no idea, as hiding items behind store unlocks just means we don't know what they do, or if they're worth the effort! Store unlocks sorely need to be automatic, with marks being a part of their cost instead.

There really is too big a disparity between earning Romulan and Omega Marks; I've done Azura Nebula rescue five times today, with three of those times yielding little besides Bird of Prey and Mogai rescues, meaning I barely earned 60 marks on top of the ones I got for the Tau Dewa patrol. Meanwhile I did four Task Force Omega Elite missions and earned well 300 marks and nearly 4,000 dilithium! Not to mention the loot drops from the Romulan missions are pathetic; mostly just flotsam to sell at the store, very rarely anything worth putting on the exchange. Even worse is facing so many damn Tholians; they're nice as a change of pace from other enemies, but they're easily one of the most annoying with all the subsystem disabling and damn web walls I can't always seem to target properly! They're no more fun to face on the ground either. I know I could do the Vault ensnared mission instead but it's not much better for earning marks; the optional objectives are a lot of work for hardly any additional reward, and the mission takes longer overall.

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