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Notes From Testing On Tribble:

vm3 14.6 to 19.1 duration, 125 decompiler, 125 decompiler +T5 rep boost

psw3 4 to 5.7 duration w/max decompiler and +26.2 decompiler deflector, 125 decompiler +T5 rep boost

w/max flow cap, captain trait, deflector 3x flow cap consoles (212) cpb:
5930.9 w/boost and 123 aux

tet glider 124 weapon power 212 flow cap 51.5 power levels (polaron) and shield drain, goes to 64 w/T5 rep boost

1496.5 214 part gen gw3 damage 1737 w/t5 rep

sensor scan 67.6 @ full aux%, no change w/rep boost

2150 tbr3

fbp3 full aux 214 part gen 1.1, 1.3 w/boost

The 10 minute cooldown limits efficiency of testing. All in all, other than VM w/doff potential nothing seems too out of whack given it's a 10 minute cooldown and lasts under 10 seconds.

I haven't looked into repairs or more complicated things like using it to boost MEFs and see how they stack etc.