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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
oh i know all about carrier shutdown, get a certain satisfaction keeping them covered in plasma as often as possible. the problem with beam pressure in an arena setting is that even at its best, a TSS, or an ES, are a fresh cycle of EPtS can largely wash away its effect. only someone alone and unsupported for several minutes will feel the burn of unending pressure. and for that singles hurt harder, even a 3rd harder. CSV is proboly better then faw for clearing spam if you do a little focusing.

right now, 1 beam for and aft and the rest singles and turrets is being surprisingly effective with a CRF and BO3 on my fleet excelsior. superior pressure, enough to drop shield facings, and a nice 6-22k BO to the hull is a perfect mix of all beams ability to spike a bit, and single cannon's better pressure.

did you get a fleet excel? its a bargain if you already got the normal one from the c store. better shields and hulll and a 4th tac console. very nice.
You'd be surprised really. It's all about maxin that GDF bonus

No not yet. The thought of giving cryptic money makes me queasy. did it get an ensign tac or still ens eng?