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01-05-2013, 03:01 PM
For Rommie marks: EPOHH FARMING. In 4 days you can get 400 marks. And if you keep up a constant chain you can literally do this EVERY DAY. So after 4 days, you get 400 marks ever day. As long as you keep on epohh tagging.

And with the winter wonderland event, you can get 100-200 marks every day after an initial 3 days. I'd say that's nice, wouldn't you? So that takes 20 minutes of your time (winter wonderland + epohh tagging), then do the tau dewa. If you're not interested in drops, do acamar 7 times on normal (20 minutes tops), and blam, 60 more marks. IMO, 560 marks a day is quite a nice haul, wouldn't you agree?

Also, for the epohh tagging, try to find another person to do it with you. That way you'll get maxed epohh tags dropped (unless you can somehow solo tag 30 of those little ******s in the time allotted).
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