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01-05-2013, 03:22 PM
You can't get 400 Marks every day through Epohh Farming. The minimum it takes is 5 days. 2 days minimum to get 5 epohh research and 3 days to raise the pup to elder. Although chances are that it will take 5 days to get 5 epohh research for most people due to them not having the right duty officer. I think its about 25% to 33% chance to get 3 epohh research each day with a good enough duty officer, but there will be more days were you get 1 epohh research compared to getting 3 epohh research. It is possible to have 2 epohhs being raised at the same time, but that means you are lucky with the RNG.

For winter epohhs, it is entirely possible to have 100 to 200 Romulan Marks each day since you are not relying on crits to purchase epohh pups.