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Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
You'd be surprised really. It's all about maxin that GDF bonus

No not yet. The thought of giving cryptic money makes me queasy. did it get an ensign tac or still ens eng?
oh i know, believe me i know. had quite the duals with hilbert the other day, inspired by this thread. when we went excelsior vs excelsior, it repeatedly came down to me damaging him a lot more with my singles, and him being able to use GDF sooner and roasting me with galor beams.

you only need 1 module for that ship, and i think they are only like 1.1 mil on the exchange, or they were. or was that the lock box keys? if they are that cheap i'll just mail one to you, you need to be rolling in style! the 3rd ensign eng is ok, at the very least you can have ET1 to clear VM, the number 1 killer of tac captains.

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Those numbers tell nothing. Really, nothing. If you do 500 k damage to a target and it does not die, then your dps was too low to make a difference. Do 60 k damage to the same target and have a kill, and you win. You need to look at what you kill, not at those numbers.

And that's sort of what happens in a SBA/DHC comparison.

But I guess you, being so new, just don't know that yet, right.
for once, you have a point, the same one i was trying to make. but soph for your own good, don't rile up anyone with mav in their name, ok? you have been down that road before lol
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