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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
But apparently, it doesn't help you thinking about the numbers.

Seriously, do the test I proposed.
I know more about DPS in my pinky toe than you've probably ever dealt there.

I -have- done testing of Cannons vs Beams.

And for fed cruisers, beams are your best bet for damage dealing, due to several overriding factors in 5v5. Especially Range.

KDF cruisers DHCs are better because they operate on average with more tac skills, and the ships are much more agile. However their sustained durability is not what a Fed Cruisers's is.

Which DDIS should know all to well by now.

Also LOL if you think a bortas is better with DHC than beams.

The bortas is garbage either way. But it's less so with beams.

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