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01-05-2013, 04:59 PM
I play with a stopwatch too you know.

Overall Match Time comparos have been done too.

And Fedwise, the Beam Array beats Single Barrel Cannons, Every Time.

Beams work better on fed cruisers, because their turn rate sucks. Which means it is much more difficult to maintain TOT. The Excelsior is pretty much the only one where Single Cannons become comparable in live pvp (not just duels).

Especially when you start Overcapping Weapon Power. Which due to how cannons drain weapon power, compared to beams, cannons get next to no benefit for it, while beams damage output is significantly better at over capped capacity.

KDF side, Bortas and Negvar aside (Neggy does good with Singles, or even all torpedoes upfront though) the DHC wins because they can actually move enough to use them properly. But KDF cruisers have a sacrfice in durability. And against Zippier ships like Escorts you are totally reliant on zone control to maintain damage on an Escort as a KDF Cruiser.

Try this.

Go buy a Failaxy X. Go put DHCs on it. 4 upfront. See how laughably bad your damage will be compared to a Beam Assault Cruiser. Go check it out in ACT so you can see the actual DPS dealt. You'll decloak get maybe 3 volleys in.. and then never be able to hit your target again. If DHCs really were Teh Awesome, the Fail X would be the best cruiser the feds have since it can actually run DHCs. But it's not. Instead it's the worst one you could choose. even if you go down to single cannons. Because it's too slow to use them, and the other cruisers Excelsior aside aren't much better.

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