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01-05-2013, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
Star Trek Online has won the "Best Free MMORPG 2012" award from MMORPG Center! Thank you to everyone who voted and for your continued support of STO. We can't wait for you to see what we have planned for 2013!

Link to the awards page.
no offence to the people playing this game, but i wonder how much they had to pay for this award ?!
this game "concept" is good, fun to play and should get the award with no trouble at all BUT my personal experience with the game is not one of award material.
don't get me wrong here, i like the game that's why i took the time to complain about the things i find wrong! its your given right to dislike my wrongs BUT please don't start a flame war over it, read it as a man and reply to it as a man! thanks.

Game is:
- buggy
- error's that don't make sens. (example: crashing with a wtex error wen your on your ships bridge with error text (could not load "ICE CAVE" texture) really why in the world needs that be loaded i'm ON MY BRIDGE!
- Pay2Win (i don't care if all was in C-Store but whit the box's that's not the case)
- Gambling (LockBox, info should be extreme low chance on good stuff, 99% crap inside)
- STF's still not 99% bug free, they made em better i grand them that but there not nearly as bug free then they should be.
- Some Rep rewards don't make sens, (example: romulan beam in help, cost 5 DOFFS for 60sec help of 2 romulans, really who the hell came up with that idea?! "i know its to drive the C-Store sale of Doffs")
- Scale of the ships vs the weapons, some ship have beam weapons 1/4 the size of the ship it self, really is it that hard to scale the beamweapons down a bit?.
- And whats up with the 75? up and down motion, why not 90? or 360? its SPACE for jezus sake!

frankly i can go on for a few more lines but you get the point, its not a bad game concept i just don't agree with the management of it! now with this reward they gonna think there job is kinda done! again no offence to the devs in person but they should work a bit more to fix bugs and errors then to add more "buggy content". i will gladly play a few months with out extra's added, as long as there plenty bug fixes in its place. some times i play for 5mins and a file breaks, after replacing that file the game works just fine, for x amount of minutes before an other file breaks. this game has "the" worst file handling i'v ever seen in a game, and there other game CoH "is it called that yes?" has the same problem.

anyways this post will probably be deleted and i might get warnings for it but its the truth what i posted. and yes there will be a "BUNCH" of players gonna yell at me and say its not true and all but i don't blame them its there "love for star trek" that blinds and shields them from the problems of this game.