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Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
I know more about DPS in my pinky toe than you've probably ever dealt there.

I -have- done testing of Cannons vs Beams.

And for fed cruisers, beams are your best bet for damage dealing, due to several overriding factors in 5v5. Especially Range.

KDF cruisers DHCs are better because they operate on average with more tac skills, and the ships are much more agile. However their sustained durability is not what a Fed Cruisers's is.

Which DDIS should know all to well by now.

Also LOL if you think a bortas is better with DHC than beams.

The bortas is garbage either way. But it's less so with beams.
the bortas is basically a galaxy X, only slightly less fail.

only the fleet vorcha has a large amount of tac stations, other kdf cruisers top out at LT for tactical, and might get an extra tac ensign. its the maneuverability and DHC usability that more then make up for their lower number of, or quality of tac station. before doffs, when they used cannons they had pretty bad up time on their 1 available canon ability slot, but now theres several ways to put that at global, doffs have been the best thing that ever happened to kdf cruisers. to fed cruisers too, but to a smaller extent. they cant make up for the terrible maneuverability and inferiors weapons.

i KNOW singles work better then beams, at least on TLC tac equipped fed cruisers. from watching them in action and parsing logs. the benefit from using them with DEM3 alone pushes them far out in front for effective damage dealing. often i have swapped to CSV, stayed a little ways back, and had it always on carriers, eliminating pets as they launched. singles and turrets can direct their cone of fire just about anywhere easily.

remember, i use kdf cruisers as a judgment baseline. fed cruisers ability to deal pressure or effective damage is an order of magnitude lower, due to the inferiority of the available weapons, with their advantages and disadvantages not being balanced correctly.
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