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There isn't really anything wrong with cannons, I don't know where all these threads have come from lately. People just see the cannon numbers and forget that without very precise timing and the work of their team, those cannons might as well be pea shooters.

Healing and resists in STO outstrip damage by a substantial margin. If you play a Sci/(x) or an Engie snoozer properly you'll never fall to a lone cannonscort (at least a Tac) in a one-on-one. Damage buffs with the power to kill just don't come off cooldown nearly as frequently as super powerful BOff-level resists (let alone captain powers).

I can understand most aren't interested in this aspect, but it's worth saying that in 5 v 5 Arenas too much cannons can become a liability, espesh Fed-side. Without grade-A quality Sci wizardry you won't down targets fast enough to justify the durability penalty. A good sweet spot for a meat-and-taters team comp has been two cannonscorts in my experience. If you want more you really need to have a game plan sussed out.

Tactical beamboats are fine, my only real beef is with the lack of solid powers since FAW is so underwhelming. You give up heavy burst damage for the ability to tolerate CC (in a way an escort can't) and not require as much of an arc. I'd say that's balanced to me.

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