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01-05-2013, 04:23 PM
Try singles on a non LTC tac cruiser.

It becomes a whole nother ball game then.

Or use beams on the excels for abit with something that isn't acc2 X beams have a very high innate accuracy, which ruins their output to have double acc on them compared to Cannons.

Also, when you don't run Aux to batt on everything beams suddenly become more appealing as you only have 3 tac slots to work with on an Excels.
Cannons to make them work are very boff intensive.
They are also very very zone control dependent.

You're trading away the ability to mount Extends, and RSP (while keeping ETPS3, and an EPTS1 and a Plas3) on your Excels in order to double your tac skills.

And you're wondering why suddenly your single cannon excelsior is keeping up? You're creating the perfect storm for cannon setups there.

I built my Excels with the idea it will have to do team support. As such it only has room for 3 tac slots. Aux to batt can't fit on it, because I would then have to make some pretty serious cuts in my durability, in order to be able to assist team mates regularly.

That's where beam boats excel. Is their ability to do damage while being great support monsters.

DHCs are skill hogs. You end up with a very selfish and fragile ship in the long run to mount them on a cruiser.

In your case you ate 2 LT eng skills, and all your tac slots.
I ate....... my tac slots. For TT, BO2, BO3, or TT, APD1, BO3, TT1, FAW2 FAW3 I can throw down significant burst when necessary with that setup. Or I can maintain decent pressure while overcapped (I run at like 155 weapon power on my excels), or clear spam. With a weapon battery spiked, on a setup Kill Shot from our sci, I can load down a 15 to 30k BO2, and easily that, and change with BO3. At the Right Time. A Beam tac cruiser is what you run when you have a Scort on your team already, and healthy CC. BO2 *weapon bat* BO3. If the targets pretty well held down it's going to be very hard for him to recover afterwards, especially when the 8 beams resume melting him at full power, and then the Escort smacks him around some more with DHCs. You better have an Era in your pocket because no one else is going to save that poor soul.

Also CSV is never better for spam removal than FAW is. CSV only targets a 30 degree cone at a time. While 3 targets at a time in that cone are taking more damage than something I'm making eat my CrtD or CrtH 2 Acc Disruptor beams, I'm murdering a whooole lot more targets, than you are. CSV is good for self clearing spam. It's not so much a battlefield removal tool.

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