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Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
I play with a stopwatch too you know.

Overall Match Time comparos have been done too.

And Fedwise, the Beam Array beats Single Barrel Cannons, Every Time.

Beams work better on fed cruisers, because their turn rate sucks. Which means it is much more difficult to maintain TOT. The Excelsior is pretty much the only one where Single Cannons become comparable in live pvp (not just duels).

Especially when you start Overcapping Weapon Power. Which due to how cannons drain weapon power, compared to beams, cannons get next to no benefit for it, while beams damage output is significantly better at over capped capacity.
actually, beams are arguably better then cannons in duels, due to superior up time with almost no maneuvering effort. ive used an unseparated falaxy R with singles to hilarious result, shimm has seen it in action and was awed by it

i could proboly post 25 screen shots of my single cannons excelsior dealing the most damage by a factor of 2 in random matches. they fire a staggering number of swings according to the log, more then the next 2 most people combined often enough. it all adds up, and theres very little on target downtime with the forward guns.

the bit about overcaping, it benefits singles and everything else just as much as beams, theres very little difference in drain from what i have seen, and rear turrets cost less energy then rear beams. put that bit about beam array and superior overcaping result out of your mind, myth busted the dps from weapons energy over about 150 is very tiny anyway.

Originally Posted by mavhax View Post
Try singles on a non LTC tac cruiser.

It becomes a whole nother ball game then.

Or use beams on the excels for abit with something that isn't acc2 X beams have a very high innate accuracy, which ruins their output to have double acc on them compared to Cannons.

Also, when you don't run Aux to batt on everything beams suddenly become more appealing as you only have 3 tac slots to work with on an Excels.
Cannons to make them work are very boff intensive.
They are also very very zone control dependent.

You're trading away the ability to mount Extends, and RSP (while keeping ETPS3, and an EPTS1 and a Plas3) on your Excels in order to double your tac skills.

And you're wondering why suddenly your single cannon excelsior is keeping up? You're creating the perfect storm for cannon setups there.

I built my Excels with the idea it will have to do team support. As such it only has room for 3 tac slots. Aux to batt can't fit on it, because I would then have to make some pretty serious cuts in my durability, in order to be able to assist team mates regularly.

That's where beam boats excel. Is their ability to do damage while being great support monsters.

DHCs are skill hogs. You end up with a very selfish and fragile ship in the long run to mount them on a cruiser.

In your case you ate 2 LT eng skills, and all your tac slots.
I ate....... my tac slots. For TT, BO2, BO3, or TT, APD1, BO3, TT1, FAW2 FAW3 I can throw down significant burst when necessary with that setup. Or I can maintain decent pressure while overcapped (I run at like 155 weapon power on my excels), or clear spam.

Also CSV is never better for spam removal than FAW is. CSV only targets a 30 degree cone at a time. While 3 targets at a time in that cone are taking more damage than something I'm making eat my CrtD or CrtH 2 Acc Disruptor beams, I'm murdering a whooole lot more targets, than you are. CSV is good for self clearing spam. It's not so much a battlefield removal tool.
perfect storm build? or course i am! its called min maxing! oh, it just works because your minmixing, i lol'ed! its actually worked better for quite a bit longer then the AtB 'golden age',. a long time ago i used CRF1 and 2, 2 EPtW and 2 EPtS, and had 3 more eng powers left over. even then cannons beat beams by quite a bit, and this was also when DEM didn't work wile cannons skills were on at all! CSV has 45 degree cone, and hits 3 random targets in that cone every pulse. there are a lot of pulses, more then 1 a second, it works great.

am i going to suggest a heal boat use singles? no, kinda pointless. those take concentration away from throwing heals, you have to concentrate on your positioning more. plus your not going to be a damage dealer, so you might as well be a garbage man. if you try to build a tac and suport boat at the same time, your gonna have a only partially effective at everything ship. AtB swings for the fences on offense, thats why i use it. at the very least i have global RSP uptime, and global use of HE and TSS, at diminished capacity when an aux battery isn't used. it can be selfish, but that just means you have to use your firepower to greater effect to pull your weight.

just for a change of pace, and to be more useful in support, ive been thinking about building the excelsior with 2 cannon recharge doffs, 2 damage control doffs and a TT recharge doff so i can have high aux, and 2 of my stations back. for a more balanced build it would be better, but the AtB build is all about getting 100% of the damage potential out of the thing. it cant be beat for raw damage, and is still plenty hearty. its a fair trade. in eating up those stations for AtB, remember that i basically double every one of my other stations, who has more eaten up now? not to mention AtB overcapes my weapons energy, and nearly caps shield and engine energy.

DHCs on klink boats only run into problems if you don't try to control movement. your ability to tank, hold and strike is devastating when done right. AtB on these guys doubles their threat factor, you get a cannon skill at global, and you get to keep 2 (4) ltc eng stations, and 1 (2) commander stations for eng.
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